No more "nuendo inside" huh? How will you communicate?


Do you have any other means of getting information from us other than that and a simplistic survey?

It’s a serious question. People here have requested more and better communication with you and I’m now wondering what your future plans are regarding exactly that.

  • No feedback (at all) is given on many reported bugs.
  • No feedback is given on many reported feature requests.

    So, what’s up Steinberg?

I agree.
I am disappointed about that also.

I feel the same. The poor communication leads me to wonder if Steinberg’s future plans no longer include Nuendo and whether my money might be better spent elsewhere. Even the Steinberg rep I used to communicate with has dropped off the radar. John.

As far as I can answer …

The information gathered on the “Nuendo Inside” sessions provided all the information that was needed for Nuendo 6.
The feature set for Nuendo 6 has been “closed” long time ago and all features are in the making at this very moment. So even if they wanted, they can’'t make any changes at this point. And why would they?
It als makes sense to launch the next “Nuendo Inside” after the Nuendo 6 feature set is made public.


I respectfully but totally disagree with you Fredo. The gist of my post was about quality communication in general and “nuendo inside” simply being a symptom of a lack of it. So,

Communicating isn’t only about features in upcoming versions
Communicating is also about

  • Bugs
  • Poorly implemented existing features
  • And what direction the product / company has

Secondly, how long ago did they decide to “lock” the feature set of Nuendo 6? Last started thread in the “inside” section was March 29th last year. Did they lock it then? Timo said we’d have another session in May. Did they “lock” the feature set in June? There’s at least another N5 update coming as far as I understood it, pushing N6 to the beginning of the summer at the earliest… I doubt it takes 1 1/2 year to code a new version. Unless it’s another “complete rewrite” again

And if the feature set is locked, why are they now asking about the NEK in the survey? The NEK will either be included or not. If the feature set is already locked, as you’re claiming it is, then that is a non-issue, right? So why ask? The decision has already been made. (I can still take the survey with the same IP btw).

Communication is also about feature requests. Could you explain to me how we’re supposed to request a feature in the Nuendo Inside section when all the topics are chosen by the moderators? In the “regular sections” I’ve encountered several threads where a discussion has started about some functionality and resulted in people requesting a feature. ZERO response from the moderators. How do we know they’ve listened to our request?

And there are threads where official people say they’ll investigate something and 6 months later, after numerous bumps there’s only silence.

And perhaps the thing to do is to simply tell users exactly what you told us? And if what you say is correct it’s not without irony that one has to start a thread about it to get that answer, and when it comes it’s not from an official employee (though I admit that I started the thread on Friday evening, Central European time, so they need more time unless they feel “extra dedicated” and want to work this weekend). I mean, doesn’t that sort of prove my point?

And lastly, even if we disregard everything I just said and accept most of what you said:

If users overwhelmingly want more and better communication with the company, and if you’re going to have to figure out future features anyways, how is it not a benefit to have a continuing discussion on features?


Nuendo Inside will be opened again very soon. During the last months we’ve been working on
the inclusion of feedback we got from Nuendo Inside last year in Nuendo 6.

Fredo is basically right, Nuendo 6 feature set is mostly already defined, but we’re able
to change some aspects of the program plan.

New Nuendo Inside will be published beginning of March.


And what about responding to feature requests etc? How about you open up a separate section for feature requests? Or at least respond to the requests that exist in the “regular” section(s)?

See what I’m talking about?


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New Nuendo Inside topic coming next Monday!

It’s like pulling teeth!..:

And what about responding to feature requests etc? How about you open up a separate section for feature requests? Or at least respond to the requests that exist in the “regular” section(s)?

Bump for Timo since he’s posting today…