No more resizing of the right click tool box?

See the gif

Even Bitwig implemented a right click pop up bar for one simple reason, it’s faster and more intuitive than the short keys the program was initially released with.

If you don’t want to use it, don’t use it. If you want a million key commands you have to remember or a keyboard with lots of stickers and colour coding, knock yourself out. Thousands of long term users like me have been using this feature for years and simply want it back as it was since like, 1999 or something. Even on the Atari ST is was better than it is now :weary:

I remember when Steinberg took out the right click pop up bar all together, people like you went bothered, you stick to your workflow. Luckily and obviously, thousands of users were very upset and voiced this so Steinberg put it right back it on the next update. Now they’ve messed with it again for what who knows.
Not too much to ask to NOT take out features not a single soul was complaining about, but when you do take it out people are making threads saying it’s broken. Wasted time and energy. In the world that sensible people live in this makes no sense at all.


This is funny because Bitwig had the exact system, myself and many others demonstrated how much faster a right click pop up bar was and viola, both workflows were implemented, for a good fully tested and proven reason. :sunglasses:


So the right click pop up bar resize option is still not back?


+1 to bring it back.

To the amputee guy - I will just ignore how insulting your tone is, by your logic why don’t we just remove the toolbox? You can use the dropdown anyway. Here are people being upset about losing a feuture and you’re going against all for what reason? Never even used the feature… Trolling on the forums won’t make you a better producer.

My use-case:
Left hand on the instrument keys, right hand on the mouse. The mute tool was one right-click away almost without looking. Now it’s a click and hold, look and move the mouse precisely, then release the button. I hope you can see why this is frustrating.

Or for the keyboard warriors - if I understand you correctly - I should release the mouse, move my right hand to the keyboard and hit 7, then return my hand back to the mouse. And do this 100 times a day. Please.

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Yes? On what grounds are you so “pretty sure”? You’ve seen people use it and you just found a faster more convenient way of doing it?


Are you just “pretty guessing” :smiley:


Exactly my same use case

Oh man! From November '18 and 46 posts later we still haven’t heard of why this tiny feature could not be resurrected …

Yeah. Another problem that might have been mentioned is the toolbox is to looooooooooooong! Look at the long word. It has 13 “o” in it. There are 13 tools in the Toolbox. If you need some tool in the middle of a row of 13 tools you REALLY HAVE TO STOP AND TAKE A LOOK! If you can make a grid out of it like 3x4 +1 you have a Toolbox with four corners. You know what’s in the first row after having using it hundreds of times. Same with the other rows and the extra tool at the end. There is even room for expansion to have a symetrical 4x4 grid in a future version of Cubase.

The thing is you don’t have to look for e.g. the mute tool if you know it’s the first item in the third row. It’s a second nature move and you have already muted whatever you wanted to mute before someone with a 13 item long Toolbox has found the mute tool. It’s something you do thousands of time and it contributes to brain drain. It sounds silly but it actually slows you down.

And there are things on screen you really need to click, push and drag around. It’s a flow thing of it’s own. You just do it and no Key Commands in the world could come close in total overall efficiency, measured over weeks, months and years. Two incompatible but not competitive paradigms both necessary to the overall Cubase experience.


Yes, this was forgotten and it’s a pity.

I could just quote the whole post :smiley: This is exactly how I feel about the topic of user experience in general, not just with Cubase.

I forget the book but there’s a book on user interfaces that proposes 3 groups of users in general:

  1. scavengers
  2. intuitive
  3. beauty

The group that is complaining here are the intuitive ones. :smiley: We need to have stuff prepared so we don’t need to think. In general, that is always the case, but some people are extremely sensitive to that. We get exhausted quickly if we need to think about how we work. We are extremely protective of our flow because we know how quickly it disappears…

On the other hand, the so-called scavengers are much less sensitive to that, they have no problem looking for stuff on the screen until they find it. They don’t count the excessive clicks and don’t obsess over optimization. They just use the screen as it is without brain drain. Their brain is just wired that way and I am very envious of that :smiley: I need a 2-hour sleep after working like that for 30 minutes lol. Those are the ones that say “what’s the big deal” when the intuitives lose their minds over a small change in the UI.

The third group is interested only as long as the stuff on the screen is pretty.

I get so drained by that kind of stuff, that I already know that with each software upgrade I am out of business for 2 months. It takes so much time for everything to become second nature again. That’s why I upgrade Cubase very rarely, it’s just too painful. I’ve done it now from 8.5 to 12.

The thing is that Cubase has been an absolute KING in that area. Every time I work with Premiere Pro for example, I just laugh thinking about how they could improve their UX by trying Cubase just once! Cubase is among the best to allow the smoothest workflow, how ever you decide to use it. That’s why it’s difficult to complain about anything here, but on the other hand, it’s hard to see the good stuff disappear. Even the scrolling of the screen while dragging events below the fold got much worse. This “small stuff” matters! But that’s already another topic…

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Nail on the head in bull’s eye … well, youknowaddamean!

I’m still using 9.5, no plans to upgrade until this is back along with adding pics to multiple tracks in the arrange window, and everything else that’s been removed or broken since 9.5 :exploding_head:

Not available in Cubase 13.0.10 it seems!