No more resizing of the right click tool box

Hi, This has been discussed before in the GENERAL Forum, but here once again, because of Matthias Quellmann’s statement " If there are disfunctional features that worked before, please let us know and describe the exact behaviour on your system. But please post it in the ISSUES forum" :

The fixed one-row toolbox in Cubase 10 doesn’t work for me. Not in Arrange Window and not in Key Editor.
I prefer working with the toolbox like in all Cubase vesions before.
In Preferences - Editing - Tools I always enable “Show Toolbox on Right-Click”.
Before Cubase 10, I could rightclick and with very little mouse movement I had access to the mute tool, the erase tool, the glue tool, the scissors tool or the draw tool.
I had two rows of 5 tools in Key Editor and 2 rows of 6 tools + one color tool below that in Arrange Window, see attachements.
Now, I have to rightclick, while holding it pushed, move the mouse about 6 cm to the right to select the wished tool, release the mouse, than move back to left to reach the part I want to edit.
I am used to less mouse movement with two shorter rows instead of one long row.
Worse, when rightclicking 10 cm or less from the right site of the arrangement, the row is shifted more to the left of the mousepointer and I have to look longer where the tool is placed.

I use the rightclick-toolbox a hundred times every day.
Will it again be resizable in a future update?
Thank you!
Cubase 9.5 Right-click Toolbox in Key Editor.jpg
Cubase 9.5 Right-click Toolbox in Arrange Window.jpg

Have you seen this? and what’s your opinion? if you like it please vote it up!

I think it’s brilliant!! (I didn’t see it before, sorry)