No more separate Mac and Windows sections?

Er… unless I am missing something it looks like there’s now just one forum for C5 and you no longer have separate Mac and PC sections?

If that’s the case it’s a real shame. The Windows section on the old forum used to be, er, a horrible pit of screaming and nonsensical ranting, usually all in capitals. It would be a shame if the Mac stuff - most of which is relatively sane - got subsumed into that. On a more serious point, it’s going to make browsing a right pain. Most Mac people won’t want to see endless posts abut problems with Cubase on Windows, and vice versa.

I’m just confused as to why they bothered separating the English and German forums. Same program, RIGHT?

Lighten up guys, who knows maybe you can help us poor man PC users be enlightened.

i noticed this too… it seems that most problems would be operating system exclusive. am i wrong…?


it sorta feels like a ghost town and getting this set up was confusing…

once this forum is up and running it’s fine with me that it’s over here now.

Separating English and German makes perfect sense. Imagine a thread where people are trying to reply to each other in different languages. Chaos.

But putting Mac and Windows forums together is just a really terrible idea. I’d be willing to bet that the vast majority of users use Cubase on one or the other, not both. It’s going to be much less use for Mac people as the majority of posts will be about Windows and it will be impossible to just search a Mac forum any more. From the title of a thread you won’t be able to tell which OS it’s related to. There will be endless confusion.

Many problems are OS specific, so lumping the two together is just poor. When there are already a huge number of separate sections on this website, I can’t see why they have done this.

I fully agree with you grandcentral, I can’t see any benefits too.

I’m confused about the confusion. Mac and PC in the same forum, Cats and Dogs sleeping together, Politicians telling the truth … The apocalypse is nigh. Either that, or it really doesn’t matter and will make absolutely no difference.

Is it really that hard to prefix a post with [MAC]?

How do we combine threads with identical subjects? :confused:

It won’t make any different to YOU if you run Windows because most of the posts will be about Windows. It will for anyone with a Mac because we don’t want to trawl through hundreds of posts about your messed-up registry problems. Prefixing every post with MAC is exactly the kind of suggestion that shows you why it would be better to keep them separate. If you need it spelling out for you, what I mean is that it’s a really dumb idea.

Fortunately that won’t be a problem since there are aren’t any threads about registry problems. So we are in the clear then.

Hilarious! Got any more hilarious statements?

Look, I’m not trying to start a war and believe me it’s tempting. But this proves EXACTLY why separate forums are better. The problems of WIndows users are barely ever relevant to Mac users and vice versa. It’s funny how the people who are saying “it makes no difference” are PC users who generate most of the noise. And the people who have realised it’s a terrible idea are Mac users who will now find it ten times harder to separate the useful information from the relentless screaming.

relentless screaming

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:
Well if Mac users are going to talk about PC users like that, I think separate forums will be a very good idea. :imp:

My point exactly…

They are just mad because Steve told them how horrible PCs are but when they come to an actual PC forum they find out that they run great. So it hurts them trying to justify paying 30% more for 20% less.

There’s only one group of people here who have immediately descended into puerile name calling and instant platform baiting and it ain’t me… I think you have made my point for me.

I’m not saying anything about Windows, just pointing out that the Windows forum, when viewed from ‘the other side’ (as you might say) looks inane and swamped with gibberish.

If we’re forced to participate in that for no reason other than that Steinberg couldn’t be bothered to moderate two forums, then you’ll see longtime Mac users stop visiting. Not that PC users will give a damn about that, but Steinberg should if it values its customers.

So the registry comment was made by me first?

It was an example of something a Mac user would have no interest in but would come up on the forum for PC users. Just an example. Get it? Not a slight, but a valid point.

Whereas your comment was somewhere along the lines of

“lolz MAC Users is dum! PeeCEE BEST hahaha lolz”

So can you see what I’m getting at? Hmmm…

Definitely need a mac forum or at least a little corner where they can go for a hug .

No, because I don’t talk like that. I didn’t say you are dumb. I don’t complain when I see issues with OSX in the forum. I don’t care. You made the point that you don’t want to see registry error issues. Well, if you do a search of the forum, there aren’t any. You guys exaggerate PC issues and are blind to your own. 99% of all posts in this forum are about Cubase, not PCs or MACs. If you would just get some perspective and give it try, I doubt there will be a problem. However, I might suggest a Hardware/Configuration forum where people who are struggling getting their system working can post… oh yeah we have that.