No more separate Mac and Windows sections?

No, you’re MILES less annoying than that. Really, no, you are.

You don’t complain about OS X issues because the vast majority of posts are about Windows. That’s just a fact - great - but we don’t want to see them. You are plain wrong that 99% of posts have nothing to do with platform, that’s just totally wrong.

Stop banging on about the registry, don’t you understand that’s JUST AN EXAMPLE? If there’s nothing here about it, that’s because the new forum is brand new. Jesus wept… It’s JUST AN EXAMPLE. It’s not meant to be taken literally.

Did you know that Mac isn’t an acronym by the way? I’m sure you did and just…er… mis-typed it.

I was making a joke about your infantile post. Do you not understand? Really? because it’s pretty simple.

Good God, is this what it’s going to be like?

Perhaps a special forum for JMCecil to play with his plastic toys while the grown ups talk?

I guess Mac users are the only ones with a sense of humor. Maybe you’re right. I need my own forum where us super serious old gits can sit around bein serious gits all day.

I’ll be glad when grandcentral stops his relentless screaming…

what? then who would we taunt a second time?

I’m surprised you had time to type this, what with your career in comedy going so well…

Yeah, you’re taunting me. It’s definitely not you who has brain damage. Nope. No way.

I think it’s pretty clear by this point why we need a separate Mac forum, for the people with IQ’s higher than their shoe size.

Feel free to bicker like special needs children, as I am sure you will. I’m off. And while this will no doubt cause you to rub your grubby little hands with glee, always remember that you are all irretrievable spunktards. Nobody can take that away from you.


I couldn’t be taunting because I’m always serious. In this case that would be seriously

So far, it’s been a great day at the lake.

irony, your name is grandcentral.

AWWWW waddamadder poor widdle boy!
mummy told you off has she? not feeling special enough any more… i can clearly see you were the kind of orrible little sh#t that used to get jealous at birthday parties as a kid and wreck the birthday cake because it wasn’t YOUR birthday!
What an arrogant, ignorant obnoxious git you really are!
The forum will be a MUCH nicer place without you!


That told him matjones. grandcentral obviously misunderestimates us PC users - some of us have size 147 shoes. :smiley:

lol some of us have 151 size shoes! :wink:


Actually I’m just killing time until your mum comes round. Her rates are pretty good, but then I expect you know that.

That told the nasty man! Yeah! High five!

Actually mate she died in 1993…
as i said… obnoxious!

Hmmm you remind me of a certain blonde goth who frequented here for some time… quite obviously personality disordered!
You should change your therapist mate!

Is that why you spend so much time on the internet being an arsehole? Not sure you’re in a position to tell anyone to get therapy.

That is really a joke, first noticed it now cause of this 2 post about the new fact. I also don´t understand why there is a discussion about it. Like already stated out, why the hell is Steinberg me forcing now to scrawl through tons of posts I am not interested in because those are problems of PC users. Its like they would put dog and cat owners together in one animal forum. Nobody would do this, because its logical that a dog owner is not interested in the problems of a cat owner. So I will delete the bookmark, using from now only google when I try to find a solution to specific problem. Maybe I will again end up here, but it will save me unnecessary work.
A pity that the daily jump in will be history. Just for interest checking whats going on is now no longer making any sense.
I still cannot believe they did such a stupid decision.