No more sound effects and send effects in Cubase 7.07

Hey all, i made the 7.06 and 7.07 update (CUBASE 64 bits), and since then, I can’t add sounds effects anymore. In the inspector (mix table …), when i click on effects send, or effects insert (I translate from french, I don’t know if the translation is OK…) , I have a black Windows insted of the racks, and I cannot select anny plug-ins anymore (delay, chorus, maxmiser…). Some says I have to uninstal 7.07 update and re-instal 7.05.
Is ther a better thing to do ?
Thanks a lot.

Me Again, I saw on the web that many had that problem. What’s the solution ?

Uninstall Cubase completely, install one full installer and the last update only.

Thanks Grim, did you have this problem too ? My DVD installer will give me 7.01. I’ve check on Steinberg, and the update to 7.05 doesn’t exist anymore. Only 7.06 and 7.07, the ones with the problem I have. Do you think that going straight from 7.01 to 7.07 will solve the problem ?

Pretty sure the problem isn’t with the later versions…it’s with a corruption during install/update that happens sometimes.

If you install 7.01 and update 7.07 I would hope it will work but if not then installing the 7.02 downloadable full installer plus 7.07 update will almost certainly work.

I haven’t personally had this issue…have read about a few users with this and similar gui corruptions that were fixed this way.