No more synths please !!! we have enought !!!

This is to everybody who thinks that we don’t need any more synths in Cubase’s upgrades/updates
but in need of real improvements
Steinberg team if you have runned out of ideas we are here to help JUST ASK we are your customers !!!

I agree 100% with you!!!

also agree.

The last set of new synths were not bad though :stuck_out_tongue:

This has been discussed to death in the forum in recent years.

I’m not fond of synths. Used to have hardware synths when there wasn’t much else to use (still got some of them, actually) - and each new one that appeared in the shops was quite exciting, though largely because the state of development wasn’t very great, and each new step up was quite a big one in relative terms.

I sometimes like playing around with software emulations of old synths (eg Arturia V-Collection) and found it helpful to get software emulations of hardware that I used to use. But modern software synths leave me cold. And synths aren’t very useful in my music anyway. So I’ll probably never use any of the synths that come bundled with Cubase. So, for my own requirements, I too would prefer it if SB stopped creating these things that I don’t care at all about. (And I expect that the people who really do like synths prefer to buy better ones than those that come with CB(?))

However, I do realise that possibly the bundled stuff might attract some buyers who wouldn’t otherwise buy CB - that means some extra income to keep SB working, and (who knows?) might even keep the price of CB lower than it might otherwise be? So, provisionally, I regard the bundled stuff that I don’t want as a necessary evil. I just ignore it. But, of course, in my ideal world, SB would focus entirely on the sequencer per se - eliminating long-standing bugs and improving its features.

They did!

edit: link dead!

I was thinking the same with regards to the 6.5 paid upgrade. then when i tried making sounds in retrologue, i thought it was the best synth plugin steinberg have made and would have been worth the £42 upgrade price. haven’t used it on a song yet, but i will. even though i have plenty of 3rd party , excellent synths! p.s. z3ta+2 is astounding for crazy analogue synth stuff. ed

Retrologue is pretty awesome for a subtractive synth (and I find subtractive synths boring, we have WAY too many of them). However, I’d love to see new and interesting synths, cabable of completely new sounds.

Also on my wishlist for Cubase, add a proper FM synth.

I am not a keyboard guy at all but I do bring a keyboard player over here on occassion to fill out a song. Which means it is simple now to find a keys patch, plug in the midi keyboard and put something down. And basically I use the Hammond or Rhodes type patches for what I do and not much more. As to the C6.5.1 pure synth sounds and the many different voices they offer, I dig the sounds but have not used them on anything yet. They are interesting though. I like the different textures very much and find myself running through a bunch of different voices looking for inspiration. Eh, glad to have them in other words. Er, so yes, I think Pink Floyd was a worthwhile band… :laughing:

Anyway, I am happy to have what is in C6.5.1 right now, but I, like the OP, really think I don’t need much more in the synth lane. This is a recording software first to me.

Do you think the people that develop Steinberg soft synths also work on Cubase code?
Is any Cubase development time taken away by soft synth development?
It it all just one team with time divided between projects, or are there different teams for various projects?

Aloha guys,

Retrologue is not only a very nice emulation but to my ears it
has a ‘cleanness’ and ‘punch’ that the older hardware stuff never did.

Also my studio recently made a few extra $$$ simply because
I had purchased PadShop as part of C6.5.

Seems all DAW software (as most software) has and will have always its strong points
as well as weak points and the top developers (Steiny included) will continue to try to improve the situation.

In the meantime many musicians are searching, striving to achieve new and different sounds
and enjoy hearing/creating sounds never heard before. (Wilhelm Richard Wagner comes to mind).

As far as the software,(tool) I’ll always find a way to make it work.


I agree, but Padshop and Retrologue look pretty powerful, allowing you to tear apart, and as Curteye mentioned, create new sounds.

As far as soft synths vs. true development goes, I think it’s unanimous. We don’t need a trillion synths, two or three will do!!

maybe it’s time to release Virtual Guitarist 3…

I love synths, keep em coming, as long as they are as decent as the last two. PadShop is quite excellent.

On the flipside, I see where the OP is coming from, there are some features yet to be perfected since way back, and some work flow items which are sorely lacking.

More spell checker usage would be good too :wink: Enought already! :laughing:

Cowbell anyone? :confused: :smiley:

@Robin, you beat me to the Cowbell, can’t get enough(t) of That :mrgreen: !


Don´t agree.

Every DAW has vsti´s and fx´s theses days: you can start right away, and the exchange of projects (!) is also very easy.

So I have absolutely no problem with this, sorry. And I look forward to future developments of steinberg.

But many Cubase users need a -> simple drag/drop onboard-Sampler! (which is now daw standard…)

My opinion.

Cent (extreme midi+vsti man)

@gregio: A great tip = just don´t use cubase´s vsti´s. :wink:

BTW, I never use and hate the score editor in cubase, but there are many users who need this… (!)


I absolutely agree with centralmusic!
We need a Drag and Drop Onboardsampler in Cubase.

Padshop and Retrologue are very good!

All VSTi’s from Steinberg should be separate products, that the user can choose to buy, they should not be part of a DAW package that forces the price of upgrades up, when the majority of users don’t want them.

So for me , please Steinberg do not include an more VSTi’s in Cubase - keep them an optional product.

In theory that is good but until there is a purchasable C6 (big one) it likely won’t happen.

I don’t generally use the built in synths because i have better ones.But if i didn’t own any i would use them,they are fine.
I actually enjoy HalionSonic SE and Groove agent for all around presets.I put them on my projects for demoing reasons but they are often used finally.