No more USB dongles please!

Aloha Steinberg,

It’s been an amazing 30 years for you guys and for us users. What hasn’t been amazing though was the hassle of constantly carrying a physical dongle around, changing adaptors and hoping not to lose this little thing.

Is there a way to come up with a simple update that makes it as simple as many other DAWs to just start it up and start producing, without the hassle of having to plug a device into the side of a Macbook Pro, using an adapter to convert from countless USB versions to countless USB versions?

The other day at the coffee shop, I just had an epiphany and wanted to just quickly adjust one parameter within a project. Oops, I didn’t bring that dongle with me…

Ableton can do it. Logic can do it. And many others can do it. Can you start doing it, too? Please?

Thank you,

I love my dongle…
Please don’t, Cubase is going to be cracked in a matter of days, resulting in less sales driving the price up.


Yes x 1000!

Steinberg are working on a new licensing system - it has been repeatedly mentioned in the Dorico forum. At the moment, no details are available, nor is there a shipping date (other than there being confirmation it won’t be used for Dorico 3, at least at launch).

With this in mind, I think it is likely that Steinberg have heard this request and are working on a response, though it will be a while until they have something ready.

I simply don’t see the point of more ‘de-dongle Cubase’ requests - there are currently two more threads on this topic on the first page of this sub-forum.

Yes all other DAWs can run without dongle. And all of them have been cracked.

I also do believe that the dongle is the reason that’s cubase is not cracked and I don’t feel the dongle is bad.
However I doo feel the build quality of the usb dongle is pore. Hard plastic easily break and it would be nice with a all metal and usb3 dongle.