No More War

This was completed about a year and a half ago on August 6th, which of course is the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. Hence the title. This was one of my first tries at using Groove Agent patterns. Prior to that I was usually prone to using a Boss DR-880 for any drums and percussion. This also brings in a few Halion world music elements, like the sitar. I’m playing the guitars and bass the “old fashioned” way. Any feedback on the drums and overall mix would be particularly appreciated. I think this composition is kind of a nod to a section from Gates of Delirium by Yes. If you’re familiar with that, I’m thinking of the part immediately before things quiet down with “Soon”. This was done in Cubase Artist 8.5.

Hello J, nice to hear someone else playing guitar and bass the old fashioned way! I’m a Yes fan too, so I liked it! I’d only suggest making more out of the idea, in the spirit of the prog rock that Yes represented. It’s begging for further development!

Thanks for the nice words. I’d be happy to develop it more. Do you think Jon Anderson is available now that ARW are off the road? Just kidding. I definitely do see it as a part of a piece that I’ll tack on to something at some point, rather than as a piece in and of itself.

Another vote from me on old school guitar tracking. Ain’t it fun?

This track is quite psychedelic in many ways. Sounds like a closing refrain
or jam. It will be interesting to see how you fit it into a wider sonic tapestry.

I was in Hiroshima at Christmas, first visit. An extraordinary place.
The actual hypocentre is found in a narrow, bland-looking back street,
a few hundred metres away from the famous A-Dome,
marked near the kerb by an easily-missed plaque. There was no one there.

It was so moving to stand at that spot. War sucks.

Keep up the “piece”! :wink:

I love the psychedelic reference and “piece” pun. Thanks especially for taking us to Hiroshima in your comment. I have an older sister who was literally born on August 6th, 1945. I find I’m often finishing up a song when that date rolls around.
War does indeed suck, and I was hoping to get some of the cross-cultural joy (and peace at the end of the tune) that might emerge if my title might ever become reality. Regrettably, there’s a long way to go to that point.
Thanks very much for the listen and the good words.