No MorphFilter in AI9?

Morning guys!

I was looking around in the inserts and could not find the MorphFilter in Cubase AI 9 that was shipped with my UR22.

Do I need to download this insert from somewhere or am I missing an update? Or does the AI version not come with the MorphFilter? If the latter, how should I work around this?

You can simply look this up yourself, just by reading the PlugIn_Reference_pdf…

Use something similar, or use a Cubase Version that has what you want - very simple…

Okay thanks. I didn’t know about the reference PDF and didn’t really see this from my class notes. For any of those interested here’s the chart for the MorphFilter from Cubase 9:
Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 1.05.43 PM.png
I will see if I can find another work around for the MorphFilter as I needed it for my assignment… :cry: