No mouse cursor in Nuendo 10.3

Yet again I post about “No mouse cursor in Notepad View” in Nuendo 10.3.
It’s fine in the previous version.
Same as it was in Cubase 10. In 10.5 I could no longer see the group outputs.
It’s fine in the previous version. In the png I posted you will notice there is no cursor. I have no idea where I am typing. Maybe that’s not important to everybody, but the notepad is where I keep track of all details about the current song. It’s good to have records. At least I think so.

I mention Cubase here at the Nuendo section because I specifically noted “Please make sure the bugs from Cubase 10.5 don’t end up in the next version of Nuendo”. Alas, they all did. I feel totally “unheard” here lately. Does everybody here have a mouse cursor in the Notepad panel?

I have a cursor in the notepad… just checked.


I have cursor as well.

No cursor here either (barely visible bright white) or group outputs (barely visible black letters in black background) in Dark Mode in Mac OS only. Both work fine in Light mode

Exactly. Forcing Mac users to only use Light mode is a bug. It’s the same bug that happened when Cubase 10.5 came out, and that’s been since last December. So I’m assuming that Steinberg has no interest in fixing this bug because they never mention it and simply gloss over it and keep going. Do all the developers work in Light mode only? Do they have sensitive eyes? Are they all working on Windows machines only?