No MP3 option in Audio Mixdown

Hi There,
I got another computer for recording when my other one croaked…got the reactivation code for the CubaseLE4 and the mp3 encoder. Well, the mp3 encoder shows up in my eLicenser control center as a full license, but when I try to use it, MP3 is not an option listed in the file formats in the “audio mixdown” dialog box. I used it with my old computer with total success…
also, when I check “products licensed to me” in my MySteinberg account, it lists the MP3 encoder and indicates that it has been activated.
I was going to try using the CubaseLE4 with my netbook when my old computer died, and I did reactivate the 2 licences to the netbook, but never used it because I figured that the netbook was not enough of a processor to handle recording. Those licenses were also listed on my MySteinberg account, but the MP3 encoder status is listed as “not yet activated”.
Anyone out there have any ideas on this issue…I have started recording with my new computer successfully and want to be able to export the songs as MP3s.
yerz trooly,
Ellen Moseley

Have you installed the MP3 patch?

I believe that LE4 has to have an add-on installed (not just licensed) to export MP3s.

emoseley : Try my little trick here when
EXPORTING with Cubase Le4.

Worked for me when I needed a .mp3 type file :wink:

Jack :smiley:

PS: Ellen, if your gonna be exporting your songs
through the INTERNET—I would suggest you
check out FLAC Files that come with CUBASE 6.5
I’ve been told that they sound great with no loss
of Quality vs. a Compressed .Mp3 :wink:

Hi Shinta, can you tell me how to install the MP3 encoder…I don’t remember doing that with my other computer…but I probably did! I need to start writing this stuff down…

Hey Jack, I’ll check out your tip! As for the FLAC files, would I have to purchase the Cubase 6.5 to get that option? Heck, I can just barely use the CubaseLE4!

Ya you would need Cubase 6.5 for the FLAC file.
Keep reading the manual on Export - Audio Mixdown :wink:

Jack :smiley:

PS: Ellen I never had a .mp3 encoder so to speak with Cubase Le4.
When I needed a .mp3 I always used my above “picture” and mixdown that way.
It always worked for me :wink:

I’m not 100% sure if I’m correct (I don’t have LE4), but the manual seems to indicate that LE4 needs an update to add MP3 to the export list; and the MP3 patch is a download product (not just an activation code).
So it seems reasonable that the patch will add it.

If you’ve still got the installer from when you purchased the patch, you’re good.
If you don’t, you’ll need to contact support to get another download.

Out of curiosity, what file types are available in your export dialog?

Hi Shinta,

these are the file formats available:
Windows Media Audio File