No Noise ... No Sounds !

Hey everyone, I’m new here, and this is my first post.

So, go easy pls

I have just setup 10.5 Pro on my hp laptop, already have ASIO setup on Windows 10 Pro. Then, when I select ASIO as driver for audio in the “Studio” menu, I get no sound when playing about. Can I perhaps get some pointers on what to try to resolve this audio issue?

Many Thanks in advance,


Hi and welcome,

Double check Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs, please. Where is the Stereo Out routed to? Is is a relevant Audio Port?

Can you see any meters jumping, when you playback?

I would recommend to watch Steinberg Cubase Quick Start Video Tutorials.

Be aware, some menu entries has been renamed since Cubase 10:

  • Devices = Studio
  • Device Setup = Studio Setup
  • VST Connections = Audio Connections