No non-ASIO driver option?

Hi, totally new to WL, attempting transition from Cooledit Pro. The PC I have WL installed on as an experiment currently only has a main board integrated sound card. Primarily I want to use WL for edit and playback. In the settings I am only offered “Generic Low Latency ASIO” driver. Nothing else. Obviously I was not able to get a sound out of Wavelab yet. Windows apps however work. I know it is probably not the best choice of sound card for now but should I not be offered an ordinary driver or even No Driver so I can play back from WL on this basic HW config? Would any built in sound card actually accept Asio? Excuse my ignorance on these matters, I am new to this ASIO stuff.

you have to configure the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver to use your sound card

Perhaps answered my own question, installed ASIO4ALL driver and I can play back now!

Thanks for reply, is that under Properties? Anyway, it works now.

ASIO4All is something similiar to the Generic Low Latency Driver
both drivers wrap the Windows(WDM, WASAPI) driver into an ASIO driver…

Thanks for your input. M

btw… Edelweiss
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