No notes are input from MIDI


I’m a new user of Dorico 4 still messing with the trial version so maybe thats the issue.

I hooked up my midi instrument, I can hear it, I see it in the preferences, and I can hear it if I record into a score. I can also hear it when in note input mode. But no notes show up. Or if they do, they show up as a chord. So lest say i’m inputting quarter notes, i play a scale and the whole scale shows a chord on the first quarter note. Are there some settings I’m missing? I should note I’m using a NuRAD for my midi input device.

Also are there other ways to deal with latency beside the “MIDI input latency compensation” in teh recording preferences? Just want to make sure there arent others im missing


Do you have chord mode (Q) active while you play the notes it? With chord imput mode on, each note would be layered on the previous notes until you press SPACE. Press Q again (or click the corresponding icon in the left Write mode column).

(The chord mode I mention is not the same at the Chord Symbol input.)

Hi Derrek,

Chord mode is not activated


This sounds very strange. Could you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here so we can take a look at your configuration?

Sure thing. Thanks for taking a look!

Dorico (461.9 KB)

Thanks for the diagnostics, Greg. This is very strange, and I’m struggling to explain what I can see in there. Everything looks normal, except that when you input via your MIDI keyboard, all of the notes you play are bundled up together into a single command. This suggests that somehow the clock isn’t running, so all of the notes you input are interpreted as arriving at the same moment.

I can’t think of a good explanation for this. I wonder whether @Ulf has any ideas?

Hi @Greg_Sinibaldi (CC @dspreadbury ), from the audio engine side I can’t find anything unusual in the log files. Could it have something to do with the EWI controller, in that it maybe behaves slightly different to a MIDI keyboard?
Is there any chance that you could hook up a normal MIDI keyboard and see how that behaves?
To further nail it down, do you also use the EWI also with other music programs, does that work correctly? Do you happen to have some kind of MIDI monitor with which you could make a listing of the MIDI data while playing a scale?

Thanks so much @dspreadbury and @Ulf I have a feeling it has something to do with the controller I’m using. I use it live to control hard ware and software synths (both via MIDI USB and 5 pin) and have no issues. It also works with the version of Sibelius I’m using and I’m able to enter notes with no problems there…

I’ll need to take a look at my settings but would hi-res MIDI effect how Dorico deals with the data coming in? I know it sends a flood of data due to the sensitivities of the breath controller. I’ll be at my studio later and check to see if the NuRAD is sending hi-res MIDI or not. I can also get you a MIDI dump of me playing a scale on it.

I have an old M-Audio keyboard to test it with as well, but my new computer wont recognize the device, working on that too!

Thanks again, more soon

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Ok, confirmed NuRAD is not sending hi-res MIDI data. I’ve attached a zip with
MIDI Monitor (63.2 KB)
2 MIDI Monitor files, one with Pitch Wheel data and one without. I’m guessing the one without is a bit easier to read.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the data. Looks normal to me. Well, the NuRAD plays legato, so notes are always crossing, i.e. the NoteOff for the previous note always comes after the NoteOn of the new note, but that as such shall not be a problem.
But please try following, go to Edit > Preferences and on the Play tab in the Recording section, switch on Filter out MIDI controllers and see what that brings. Also try fiddling with the other options and see if it makes a difference.

Hey @Ulf I think the Filter out MIDI Controllers did the trick. Notes are being entered now. What exactly is being filtered out?

Thanks so much for the help!

Good to hear. But to be honest, I don’t know what exactly gets filtered out then. Maybe @dspreadbury can tell.

I believe Dorico filters out all MIDI continuous controllers when that option is set, so in theory that would mean that any e.g. channel volume or modulation messages you might want to send will not make it through. If you want to look into it further, you could follow these steps to generate some output from your MIDI controller and we could take a look to see what data is being generated – my guess is that some kind of continuous polling or sensing data is being sent by the controller and ends up flooding Dorico’s input buffer.

Thanks for the additional info @dspreadbury I dont really need the additional cc#s to be captured in Dorico. but its good to know what likely is going on here.

Thanks again for all the help