No notes between two quantization lines

Strange error happened today. Take a look at the snapshot.

As you can see there are no notes in between even though I play them. Not sure what I screwed up :blush: . Help appreciated.
Cubase 7.5 - [Key Editor_ Groove Agent 01].png


Do you use Chord Track? Od do you have any MIDI Input Transformer on the track?

I see… AutoQ (Auto Qantize) is switched On. Check your Transport Panel Settings.

Thanks Martin, I just figured it out by reading this thread.

My problem is solved. Attached the screenshot !

By the way, could you explain what is the purpose of the AutoQ, where can it be used?
Cubase 7.5 solved.png

Exactly this is it.

The use case to use the AutoQ is, if you cannot play very well, and you know, you will quantize it anyway later on. I don’t prefer this way at all, but some users use it, and the option is there for them.