No option to import ADM files!

I was trying desperately to import an ADM projet in Cubase 12, but didn’t have any success. I saw a video on Youtube explaining how to do this, but I can’t find an option to import ADM files. Is it a Mac related thing or is this option not offered in Cubase? And if so, why this kind of limitation?

Have you consulted the manual in regard to this?

Yes. But didn’t help. It doesn’t break out individual objects, just a weird kind of bed.

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It seems to be a 7.1.4 channel not object based file. I suppose its okay, but it might as well be a MP4 file because its not true ADM format. The Dolby Atmos company has a ADM file player (That I think you have to buy with their production suite - if you can get access ) that allows you to monitor the meta data (object) mixing instead of it being baked into the file as audio channels.