No option to scroll Metronome output menu

This has bin a bug or missing function for some time now.

I have a lot of outputs. There is a limit to how many I can have, before the metronome output menu becomes useless.
There is no option to scroll through outputs. I want to have that option.
Yes I can work around it. So no big issue. Just annoying.

So is this a bug on my system or is it a missing function?


Reported to Steinberg.


Ran into this today!

If the whole I/O was brought up to date we wouldn’t have this problem. Scrolling through mountains of I/O is boring

Anyone using a console or stem mixer has to set up both mono and stereo outputs - well actually TWO sets of stereo outputs - Odd / Even (1,2 3,4…) and Even / Odd (2,3 4,5…)!!!


There’s got to be a simpler way than this - it’s even made setting up a new track a pain!