No option to sort plugins by vendor or category

There used to be a way to sort plugin into folders in the plugin manager by vendor or category. I do not see the option anywhere in any dropdown.

Studio>VST Plug-in Manager lets you create multiple Collections. In each Collection you can choose exactly which plugs are shown in that collection and also arrange them into multiple Folders structured however you like.

Thank you. I realize its possible to do this manually, however Cubase used to have the option to sort plugins by category or manufacturer, even in the Plugin Manager, and it would automatically create folders for each Vendor rather than having to this manually.

I think you are talking about the option found in the for upper right hand corner of the VST Plugin Manager. Look for the downward arrow head and click. List by Vender is there.

I forgot to quote you to give you a headsup. Read my post just above this one.

Thank you. Yes that is what I am talking about and yes I have checked the drop down menus and the option is not there, it used to be in previous versions.

Switch to the “Default” collection.

Thank you! Thats works!