No option to update/upgrade from Cubase 5 to Cubase Artist 12

Hi. I have Cubase 5 and want to upgrade/update to Cubase Artist 12 but there’s no option for this upgrade on Steinbergs page. It seems to start with Cubase Artist 6. Do I need to buy a full version?

Thanks in advance

It’s because you own the top of the product line, now equivalent to ‘Pro’.

If that’s what you mean by “full version”, then yes.

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Thank you for your swift reply!
So I can update to Cubase 12 Pro! That’s perfect!


Cubase 5 to 12? Quite a jump, in technology, learning curve and cost, but you won’t regret it.

Keep backups of your C5 projects, because if you open them in C12 and save back over them, you’ll no longer be able to open them in C5.