No or very low (effects) sound from right channel using vst instruments


I am using VST instruments and am having sound from the left channel but no or very low sound on the right. Am using a mixer connected with usb.
If I use same on Cubase the sound is stereo both channels ok but using VST Live only sound from the left.

When I switch the sound from mixer usb to my keyboard (as controller) usb the sound comes stereo ok from both left and right. But then I lack the reverb and equalisation of the mixer.

Can’t figure out what is happening.

And also yesterday VST Live was making me crazy at one time it crashed and went off. The ‘block sysex’ tick option was resetting itself to on after a while even when I put it to off. And also the SysEx messages I put in the imported midi files of 3 VST tracks got somehow erased and I couldn’t see them. Then I built the SysEx data again then ok.

Any comments? Thank you.

This is obviously a local problem of yours, without precise details we can’t help, sorry.

Are you aware that this is set individually for each Layer?

We don’t accept crashes at all. Could you pls send us crash dumps?

I will check again the sound problem at my end and thank you.

No I wasn’t aware the ‘block sysex’ option is individually for every layer, thank you :+1:

Will give this more time perhaps I did something wrong and will not happen again, thank you.

After many hours I finally sorted out the sound problem. When using VST Live I had sound from the left channel only. No matter how much I tried to set various parameters I couldn’t obtain sound on the right channel.

Finally decided to build the project from scratch again and this sorted out my problem. Somehow my project file got corrupted with the result of having sound on the left channel only. I couldn’t figure out what I must have did to bring my project to this state. But now with my new project the problem got sorted out.

You could send us the .vlprj file (nothing else needed) to examine if that helps.