"No Ordinary Day" - Matt Young

A new production for one of my studio clients. Matt has written about his recent dismissal from a managerial position he held for several years at a local logistics company. Thematically its something I can very much relate to having too been recently ‘discarded’ myself … :confused:

No Ordinary Day

Having been “discarded” myself I can relate as well. On the up side, though, my being laid off several years ago was one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. That doesn’t change the feelings of hurt and abandonment, though, which this song captures exceedingly well. Nicely done.

Thanks. :sunglasses: Hopefully it’ll turn out to be a ‘best thing’ for me too! Currently I’m still out of work (apart from these occasional studio jobs). Someone once said… ‘when one door closes, another one opens… it’s just the long dark corridors in between that are the b*tch!’ :laughing:

Haha, I like the italics part of that Sherz. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, I thought the song was good man. As usual, the lyrics fly over my head ;D but I thought it was some good, easy listening on this Sunday afternoon. Nothing really stood out as being out of place or anything either, in the mix. Good stuff.

Nice melodic tune with good production. I would like to hear this song sung by another singer other than yourself. I think that your voice is not up to the cleanliness and smoothness of the rest of the production. Very nice tune though.

Cheers… except… that’s not me singing! :smiley:

I also can relate! In fact it’s the reason I can spend so much time on my music right now so, swings and roundabouts :wink:

The production is really nice. I think the vocals sound fine but aren’t sitting in the mix quite right. They seem a bit separated from the rest of the mix.

Good job!


up to your usual pro standards…would’ve been better if you sang it I reckon, Kevin

I thought this was The Carpenters at first

Very nice!

The overdriven low guitar is too loud. It’s a GREAT part, but it’s there for context, and it would get the job done at a lower volume without overwhelming the tune as it is now. I could use more kick, too

Fantastic job, this :sunglasses: