No output audio when using Alan & Heath zedi10fx


Looking for help. I have years of live sound experience and I’m now experimenting with multitrack recording.

I am using an Alan & Heath Zedi10fx as a 4 channel interface into the free copy of Cubase LE 10.5.

I have set the system up to receive 4 separate input channels, and have a clear signal to each channel, but so far have failed to get any return audio back to the Zedi10fx on the ST3 channel through the USB connection to playback the recorded material or to monitor.

The deck is designed to route the stereo return, via the USB cable, to the ST3 channel of the desk.
The phones is set to monitor ST3 and the monitor send is set to phones. (To receive that signal I hope!)

I’m sure there is something simple in the set up I have failed to see so I apologise now in advance :slight_smile:

Youtube video audio is sent to the desk with no problem, just no audio from Cubase but it could be a desk routing issue.


Hi and welcome,

Open Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs in Cubase. Where is the Stereo Out routed to? I expect, it would need to be routed to the ST3. Does it work?