No output audio when using Alan & Heath zedi10fx


Looking for help. I have years of live sound experience and I’m now experimenting with multitrack recording.

I am using an Alan & Heath Zedi10fx as a 4 channel interface into the free copy of Cubase LE 10.5.

I have set the system up to receive 4 separate input channels, and have a clear signal to each channel, but so far have failed to get any return audio back to the Zedi10fx on the ST3 channel through the USB connection to playback the recorded material or to monitor.

The deck is designed to route the stereo return, via the USB cable, to the ST3 channel of the desk.
The phones is set to monitor ST3 and the monitor send is set to phones. (To receive that signal I hope!)

I’m sure there is something simple in the set up I have failed to see so I apologise now in advance :slight_smile:

Youtube video audio is sent to the desk with no problem, just no audio from Cubase but it could be a desk routing issue.


Hi and welcome,

Open Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs in Cubase. Where is the Stereo Out routed to? I expect, it would need to be routed to the ST3. Does it work?

I’m having same issue but this is all that shows:

Which I’m pretty sure is not correct. For contrast on inputs I see the zedi:

But Windows has it right:

This video offered some insight and promise but still no dice:

Not sure that this is a Cubase issue. Funny thing how A&H buncles Cubase with the mixer though…

I selected the ZEDI ASIO driver which looks right and have this but still no sound:

So restarted computer twice, no audio interface, watched youtubes on setting up audio, can hear audio from youtube. But two + hours in to this problem I still have not a single sound out of Cubase though I can play notes on my midi controller and see the green bar move around so it’s trying. So this is not an interface issue, not a computer issue, something is off. I’ll give another shot tomorrow but kind of amazed how hard this is when other apps just work — just booted Reason and get sound without any tweaking. I’m motivated to get this working but probably got to timebox this one.

These are the outputs listed running without interface:

Reason has the same driver set but returns sound:

FWIW, I am creating a midi instrument track with HAL on it that I am trying to play. I didn’t see any example songs — do you have one that I could try? Just wondering if something to do with creating tracks and maybe taking a working song shows me what’s wrong.

Okay, upon a cursory reading of the user guide with not having ever used the unit… The USB audio input to the mixer is either ST2 (USB in 1-2) or ST3 (USB in 3-4), with only ST3 able to be monitored with headphones when you have set the Phones Select to USB.

So assuming Analogue 3-4 outputs connect to the USB 3-4 inputs, you have set the Bus as Stereo 2. Just a guess, but check whether you have set the actual output of the tracks in your project to Stereo 2.

Hi Guys
Can I ask if you found a solution to this?
I have just bought a Zedi-10 and am having exactly the same situation as described above. Have tried the things suggested above as well and nothing works. I can get input into Cubase, can monitor it on the headphones going in, but on playback- nothing coming back.
The Cubase output meter doesn’t move on playback and of course nothing gets to the Zedi.
As with others, I have tried it with Audacity and Reaper and it works absolutely fine in and out, so there is something in the Cubase routing that isn’t right - probably something simple that I am missing but it’s driving me nuts!
My settings are basically the same as Alexi’s screen shot in the last post above.
Anyone got it to work?!
(If you have can you please post instructions/screenshots - thanks!)
Thanks a Lot


If you open the Cubase mixer, does the meter move on your recorder audio channel? Can you look at the routing of that channel to make sure it is routed to the Main L&R output?

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Thanks mlindeb!
I opened the Edit Channel Settings on the record channel and made sure that it was connected to the Stereo Out Bus (although it had seemed that it was) but after I did that - I got output to the Zedi with audio on the headphones as you would expect. Thanks a lot for the help, much appreciated!



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