No Output | Cubase AI 8 | Yamaha MG20XU Mixer

Hi everyone!

So i am setting up a home studio plus a practice room. I recently bought a Yamaha MG20XU mixer along with which I Got Cubase AI 8. I am a drummer from the past 6 years but i am new to this technical world of sound.

I have set up Cubase on my pc (Windows 10), installed all necessary drivers. I add a track, start doing a test record using a mic and cubase pics up the input signals. When I play the recorded track i hear nothing in the output, I imported a mp3 track also into Cubase and cannot hear anything. If I play anything outside Cubase, i am getting output in my speakers.

Went to Devices-> VST Connections and here is the screenshot of the output-
I have spent hours to figure out what is wrong and still was not able to find any solution for this. Any help in this regard will be really really appreciated! Really want this to work! Many thanks in advance


Isn’t your track in the Momitor Mode (orange speaker button should be switched Off - grey)?