No output, even in transport panel


I use Cubase Element 9.5
My PC is a powerfull gamer laptop
The main sound card (system and app sounds) : Creative Sound Blaster SBX for the main sound.

VST Sound devices :
Line 6 Pod XT Liv e for the guitar
Line 6 Bass Pod XT for the bass

Here my settings :

When I play, I have no sound and I dont see the bar go up and down in the transport panel.

Could you help me ?



I have new information.

I installed / updated all my Line6 devices drivers.

Line6 Monkey shows only green marks for all sofware and drivers for my devices.

When I create a new Classic Rock Production, the Main out connect to EIE. I cans ear the sound of the default drum line.

When I activate the line6XTLive input only in Asdio4All V2, the Main out still connected to EIE and I can’t ear the sound of the battery.

If I disable all VST instruments but Line6XTLive, no sound.

I’m afraid, Cubase Element 9.5 can’t works with Line6XTLive. It’s strange because when I Used the Cubase Element 6.5 it was working.

The result is, I can’t record.

With those new information could you help me ?

Finally I found the solution.
I use a 8 ports USB2 to USBC on witch I plug all my VST Instruments.
If I plut my EIE and my Line6 pods in this hub, it does’nt works.
If I plug the EIE in the hub and the Line6 in the PC USB port they work together.
It’s not cool but I record my instruments one by one so, for me the solution is acceptable.
How professional do to plug a complete studio to a PC ? Is ther some music specic usb hubs ?

At a minimum, make sure the USB hub is a “powered” hub.

Regards :sunglasses:

It is…
I puchased a 8 port USB2/3 plugged in a USBC entry.
I think it must be much better with all devices in USBC but all my home studio devices are 2nd hand and too old.
It’s okay, I’ll handle it like that.