No output from Halion Sonic SE

Hi all, just upgraded to C6, but cannot get any output from the free Halion Sonic SE plug-in.
It is receiving midi (the channel levels and the mock keyboard react to key presses), and the little level meters at the top of the plug in light-up when keys are pressed, too. The instruments are mapped to Main, but no sound is reaching the output bus.
All other plugins are working fine, such as SampleTank, HSO, third party synths.
Any ideas?

Hello spaceface,

Are you using it as an instrument track or inside the VST Instrument Rack?
If you are using it inside the VST Instrument Rack did you activate the corresponding audio outputs?

Hi Carlos, thanks for the reply.
I think I have output selected - from the Inst rack (F11) clicking on the [->] icon shows HSSE Main [Stereo] as checked - is that what you mean?

It could be that you are routing the audio to a different output. In this case, you will still see the audio levels appear in HSSE, and also the MIDI activity, but you won’t hear any sound.

Notice in the picture that the top most instrument is routed to “Out 2”? If you only have “Main” enabled in the VSTi rack, you won’t hear anything.

Thanks for the suggestion, but all that looks good: I can trace the output through to Stereo Out by navigating thru the VST Instrument track for HSSE. Very frustrating as Halion One seems to be broken since upgrading (very few instruments and the search has ‘gone’).