No Output In Cubase Pro 10.5

I have no output in my mixer. no matter which project I select - there is no output.
I’ve checked the control panel for my output settings and everything looks fine.
Any suggestions?
Here are some screenshots while the project is playing.

the start of your device driver failed? Or connection get lost?
I have this from time to time with my Apollo USB
a restart of the interface fixes this for me

Can you please be more specific? What exactly did you check?


The selected track Reverse is somehow locked. Isn’t it frozen? Did you freeze other (all) tracks?

How does the Audio Connections > Outputs (or Control Room, if you use it) look like?

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There is no output for unfrozen channels either.

Here Is my output stteings

I checked the audio connection window (F4)

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My device works fine (if by the device you mean audio interface) the is audio from the computer and i can hear the signle if I am on monitor.

Can you hear the click (metronome)?

Activate the metronome (screenshot)



The output of the selected track is set to No Bus on the screenshot.

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