No output signal to AG06

Hello everyone,

I’'ve got my kit set up as mic > Yamaha AG06 > Win10 PC with Cubase 10.5. The program’s running, and I see input signal from the mic in Cubase. I can’t figure out what the problem is with output though. I can’t hear anything when I start the metronone or playback a record (good waveform on track). If I go to Audio Connections, my input is Stereo In L/R AG06/AG03 1&2. The output is similar except it shows Stereo Out. I don’t have any other selections there. I’m quite sure I’m just missing something. Could anyone with a similar setup help please?

Hi and welcome,

Try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size.

Make sure, there is Monitor enabled on the track you playback.

Make sure the Metronome is routed to the Stereo Out, in the Metronome Setup, please.

@OP: make sure, input monitor is not enabled for the track you play back.
Where are your speakers connected?


Ouha!!! Thank you very much.