No Output Signal- using Zoom H4n

Using the Zoom H4n handy recorder as an extension Mic (using Mac). I have connected it to the computer under VST Audio System, and Im recieving input signal, and am capable of recording.

All of that is well and good- however, when the H4n is connected and in use, the playback of a recording cannot be heard at all, either through the H4n itself or through the computer itself :cry: (Neither can I listen to prerecorded sounds in VST sound previewer)

Ive tried for hours but cant seem to figure out how to activate the output! Not sure how to proceed- I can record, but cant listen to what Ive recorded at all! (unless I switch back to built in audio).

What am I doing wrong?

If you want to monitor through the zoom make sure to select the outputs in vst connections.

If you want to monitor with the Mac audio you must first create an aggregate audio device…you can easily find instructions online for this.