No output sometimes

I have been using a new pc lately, ryzen 3600xt, 16gb, M2 500gb with my existing RME babyface proFS, on win 10 and cubase 10.5 pro.
When trying to work on existing projects which were created on a Dell laptop with the same card, sometimes after the project is loaded I get no output at all. Audio connections are OK and audio card selected OK. Sometimes the project may have been saved just the day before and it before that playing OK.
The way to make it trigger the output is only by changing the buffers, i.e. from 256 to 128 or vice versa. If changed from 256 to 128 for example I may work for as long as I want on this setting. The next day if I open it again chances are 50/50 it will play OK or be silent until I change again from 128 to 256.

Any ideas?


Try to click to the Deactivate All Mute States button (even though it’s not yellow), please. Does it help?

thanks but
but I did solo one or two tracks to see if I have audio.
Audio comes only after I change the buffers.

As I have said it does not happen every time. I will try it next time it happens, even if I don’t see how this could solve the problem


Did you increase or decrease the Buffer Size? If you increased it, it could make sense.

It works both ways.
I understand what you mean but the system is capable of going down to even 64 buffers with no latency issues

A change is what it takes to work.
Also, resetting the drivers does not work. I tried that too. Only change in buffers.