No output sound cubase LE

Hiya Guys

I was up all night trying to figure out whats wrong with my controller or cubase

When i start for example a song a mp3 or wav without cubase lets say windows media player the sound will be heard out my speaker and i can control the sound thru my babyface

but when i insert the soundfile into cubase and press play on my transport section on the icon pro i have no sound

So i think there is a problem in cubase wich i cannot sort out

also the mic i cannot hear it in cubase anymore i see the leds on the fader in cubase working i see that the input is good but still no sound

hopefully someone can help me with this


See “Device Setup” - “VST Audio System” - if your Babyface´s driver is set as the main driver. Then “VST Connections” - “Output” - here you must have Babyface´s output channels

Already done so
Everything is set in place
Curious enough the sound just started playing again

The weird part now is
I bought a qcon icon pro
And now my mic sounds like standing in a tin can
Im getting stressed out now

Problem after problem keeps coming

This may have something to do with the on-board DSP in your Babyface. Check via Babyface´s graphic interface if all these on-board effects (echo, reverb…) are off.