Hello we are newbies using Cubase LE AI Elements 9 on PC with Windows 10 and the Steinberg UR44. BUT we are pretty sure that the connexions are well set up.

Here is our problem: When we are playing without Cubase opened but with the UR44 linked and activated we have sound comming from the amp. But as soon as we open Cubase, there is no more output sound but the program “hears” the input sound. However, we can record and once it’s recorded the program read it and the sound goes to the amp. But still, the sound of what we are playing live doesn’t go to the amp.

What can we do ?
Thanks for listening and for helping us (maybe)

Hi and welcome,

Do you use Direct Monitoring?

Where does the amp come from? Is it a plug-in or Steinberg DSP process, or…?

Turn the monitor on.
The orange speaker button.
This is normal behaviour of UR interfaces when used with Cubase. You need to enable the Monitor button on the track to hear the input signal and turn it off when you want hear what’s already recorded on that track.

Thanks everyone ! Problem solved! Indeed, we had to enable the Monitor button.