No Panner [solved]

Today, I record a few guitar tracks from my multitracker (Fostex) in Nuendo per Adat. Then I open the wav’s in Wlab7, to do a little bit process with Declicker, save it and open Nuendo again. Now my panner are gone (red channels in pix are groups). Only if I choose the Mix-Bus, the panner appears. If I choose any Guitar group, panners dissapears, but only with Guitartracks :open_mouth: . Drum- and Voc-Groups are ok. Have delete all Guitar channels (not the wav files) and groups and assign it to new tracks and new groups, but this didn’t help. Any ideas?

Here a picture … Group “Git_Rhythm” to Group “Gitarren” … no panner

and here Group “Git_Rhythm” to Mix-Bus … panner appear

Maybe I’m reading it wrong or thinking about it the wrong way, but if you’re routing a track to a mono group, there’s nothing to pan to… right? Your group is mono, so there is no left/right…

In other words: If the destination of a source is mono, then the source can’t be panned because there’s no reason for it. As soon as you switch your destination to multi-channel, panning appears, because now it “makes sense”.

Know what I mean?

Thanx, I have it found just itself. You’re right. I have assigne to Mono Groups. My fault …
Always these stumbling blocks :wink: