No panning in mono track on Cue mixes

Hi there!

I am using Cubase 12 pro with an Antelope discreet 8. I have connected the 8 outputs of the
antelope to the 4 stereo inputs of my headphone amp.

The Control room is engaged and the outputs are allocated to the 4 cue mixes.

So my cue mixes work but the issue is when the cue mix is set to CUE I cant hear the panning of the instrument. When its on MIX i can hear the panning in my headphones. This is when i am sending mono tracks to the cue mixes. If I group the track then i can hear the panning,

Also my reverbs when sent to a cue mix, are in Stereo.

Any idea why the mono tracks cannot cannod be monitored panned when in Cue MIX?

Any insight would be appreciated!


How is this connection done, please? How do you connect 8 to 4?

Are your Cue busses stereo? Could you attach a screenshot the Studio > Audio Connections > Control Room, please?

Here you go

Hey there.

Here’you go 2 outputs per cue mix. I would assume Left Right?

Martin, 8 mono outs fit to 4 stereo ins.


The cue mixes have their own panning. It is independent of the main pan.
If you wish to follow the main pan, you need to copy the panning to the cue mix.

And you can copy your main mix to a cue mix with the available commands.
This can act as a starting point for the cue mix.

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