No panning possible to the Left in Cubase 12

I noticed by accident that it is impossible for me to pan to the left in C12. Stereo or mono tracks, whatever sound, but panning to the left channel brings the sound in the middle, but never to the left. All my songs give the same result, so I suppose it has something to do with an option in C12 itself? Panning to the right works well.

This might have nothing to do with Cubase. It could also be that you set up your hardware’s left channel to be in the center. Do you have a little software to setup your audio interface?

No, that is not possible because in other applications (also other DAW’s) my panning works fine.

Any Mono plugins on Stereo tracks/Busses ?

It’s not Cubase. It’s something in your setup or routing or whatever.

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That is a good possibility, I will take a look. Thanks!

What I said, for me it is Cubase because other DAW’s work well with panning!!

Sorry if I was unclear: It’s something you did in Cubase or elsewhere that is the problem. If you want people to help you out you’ll need to tell them what you did - specifically.

You were right! There was a send plugin in stereo in my mono channel that causes I could not hear the left side.
So thank you very much!

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