no patches at all...?

Just installed Cubase 10 trial.

None of my instruments (Halion / Prologue etc.) have any voices in their patch lists at all…!

All my .vstsound files are in a remote folder on my D: drive.

(I told the installer this on install - has made no difference)

I’ve also used ‘Library Manager’ to tell Cubase where my content is but that hasn’t made any difference either.

How do I get Cubase to populate those lists so I can use the damn program??


Could you attach a screenshot from Library Manager, how did you set it up there, please?

An workaround (how was it working in the past) is to put the source files to the D drive, make an aliases (links) and put them to the original C drive.

Library Manager:

Media Bay:

HALion menu:


It seems MediaBay is still scanning the content.

How long could it possibly take though? I left it doing that for nearly an hour and there’s only 1 drive with 2 partitions - C: and D: - plus, I feel I’ve already told the program twice where the files are.
Also, I put shortcuts to the content in every ‘VST sound’ folder on the C: drive… in Program Files/Steinberg, in Program Files(x86)/Steinberg, in Program Data/Steinberg and in App Data/Roaming/Steinberg… etc. etc. - still nothing!
Every other program I’ve ever worked with has a settings menu where you can tell the program where to look for content (even Cubase used to have this…).


anyone from Steinberg here?


Can you still see the “cube” icon, so the MediaBay is scanning after the hour? It depends on the count of files. But an hour is really long.

Do you have enough place to install the content to C drive? If yes, I would recommend to install it to the C drive, then make the aliases here and copy the sources out. Just to be 100% sure the files are at the right place.