No Ped. (Sustain Pedal) Character???

In Dorico is there no Ped. (Sustain Pedal) Character for Piano.
Even when XML importing a Finale File, no Ped. Symbols.
This is currently a no go for Piano Players.

We expect to be working on piano pedalling lines very soon, and they will be included in one of the first updates. We didn’t include the symbol on its own in the Playing Techniques panel because it would not operate properly as a pedal line, with the ability to specify its length, add notches to show lifting of the pedal, and so on.

You can enter the “Ped.” sign in text if you need to, by typing Shift+X to show the text popover, changing the font to Bravura Text, and then copying and pasting this symbol: 

That symbol looks wrong here in the forum because it’s not using the right font, but it should look correct in Dorico itself.

Have we got a rough idea of when the first update will roll out? Not particularly relevant to this thread but didn’t want to create a new one just for such a small question that’s probably been answered somewhere else!