No Performer video in VST Connect SE - works in Pro

I’m having a video problem since the installation of the latest version of Connect SE and Connect Performer.

There was no video coming to me from Performer - the person on the other end could see themselves in the small window and me in the large one, but I only had black in the Performer window on my end. I could select their video source in the control panel, but still got no video. Everything else worked as it should.

I then authorised the free trial of Pro and tried a session using that. Initially, there was no video coming in from Performer. I was able to get the video feed working by selecting Performer in the options in the Video Pane.

I have not had a chance to try using SE again to see if I still have the problem.

Do you have 3 video views (main, bottom left, bottom right)? There is an issue that when you once used the PRO version, it can happen that when you then use the SE version threafter, there are three views instead of two. In that case you are advised to delete the VST Connect .ini file - on Windows, that is
C:\Users<User>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VST Connect.ini where you replace with your Windows user name. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry - I should have said that I’m on MacOS

No - I don’t have the 3 video views problem. I had it at one point, but it got solved with instructions from you. And in that case, I could see the Performer video just fine - I couldn’t see my own.

This is an entirely new installation of VST Connect after uninstalling it according to the instructions.

That’s weird. If Performer can see his video, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t make it to your screen. Never heard of that problem before.

That’s what I’m experiencing in SE. And, as I mentioned - in Pro, I have to specifically choose Performer video before I can see it.

I have the exact same problem. Haven’t tried the pro version yet. And I’m on a Windows 10 System.

Did you try to delete C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VST Connect.ini already?

I have the same problem.
Windows 10; Conect SE and Performer Version 5.5.40; no pro version; Cubase pro 11 and 12
Performer sees both videos, ican’t see the performer.
Deleting the “VST-connect.ini” didn’t do anything.

Thanks. We will try to reproduce it.

Here another similar issue. Hope it can be solved soon.

see also here:

Reg. Studio can’t see Performer Cam: we found an issue when the SE version is beeing used.
Will get back as soon as a fix is available, sorry for the inconvenience.

Any updates on this bug fix? I’m encountering the same video problems as described in this feed, wondering if there’s been any progress since October. Thanks!

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Hi @aluminuman,

we already fixed it and released an update (5.5.41). Please read more here

See you