No Phantom power in MI4

I have noticed that lately I had to turn the gain almost all the way up in the MI4 to get any decent signal from my condenser microphone. Of course, at that level I also get a lot on electronic noise.
I have changed mike cables, USB cables, use two different computers but the result is the same.

I have measured the phantom power and it provides barely 5 volts. Measuring it in my Yamaha mixer I get 45 volts.

In summary, the MI4 does not provide enough juice to the microphone. In fact, the 48 volt light in the MI4 doesn’t light although when switching phantom power on from the MI4 panel, something happens as both meter lights in channels 1 and 2 light briefly.

Is there hope for my MI4? What do you experts recomend me? Any use in reaching out to Steinberg for repair?

Thanks in advance