No Pitchbend When Playing Midi Files Makes Notes Out Of Tune

Hi, I’m using Cubase LE AI Elements to listen to midi files only.

However, When I play the midi file they sound great but every so often theere are really bad out of tune issues. I think this is the pitch bend because its the lead guitar and saxophone lead lines that are the issue.

when I play the same midi files in van bascos they sound fine with no issues.

Im not a keyboard player or programmer and am pretty new as I only really listen to midi files.

Id really prefer to listen through cubase as it sounds better than van bascos and I can add effects to the tracks.

Any help to solve this would be very appreciated.

I am using the default “HELion Sonic SE” whatever that is?

I have never been able to get my head around sound fonts and soft synths. I thought if you loaded an sy77 soft synth you actually got/heared the actual sounds of an sy77? Never been able to do that either.

As you can see im pretty dim when it comes to keyboard and cubase stuff so please use basic language and instruction if you know how to solve this.