No pizzicato in playback? Dorico 5

Hi all
First time I’ve tried adding pizzicato from the playing techniques. It still sounds arco on the playback. Is there a step I’m missing? I have latest version of Dorico 5, no extra plugins such as Note Performer - or do I need that for the playback to work?

Select the note > Shift+P > type “pizz” and select the technique in popover…. This works for me

Hopefully @DanielMuzMurray’s suggestion will help you solve the problem. Otherwise, can you attach a copy of the problematic file or even a shorter cut-down version so long as it includes pizzicato?

No, still not working.
Here’s the file:
Deep Gullies pizz.dorico (600.0 KB)

You don’t have an expression map assigned in Endpoint Setup (Play mode > gear icon) which implements pizzicato. You can either set that up yourself or try applying a different Playback Template (Play menu > Playback Template). Try “HSSE+HSO (Pro)”.

Aha! Ok thanks so much!

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