No Plaback Sound On MIDI event

I have recorded some piano parts from a MIDI device and I can see the audio/MIDI event on my DAW screen, yet I can’t hear any sound upon playback? All the other audio events work fine and playback normal with sound, but the MIDI instrument that as recorded does not. It was working fine yesterday when playbacked the MIDI event but today no matter what I do, there is no sound. I have checked all MIDI device settings and everything is normal. Please help!


Where is the MIDI track routed to? What is the output, please?

How do I find this info out? I’ve attached screenshot of the audio event that has the MIDI instrument.


OK, so you are using virtual instrument. How is your Audio Connections > Outputs setup? What Audio Device do you use?

Here are screen shots of the info you asked.


Then you should hear it from your US-16x08 device.

Can you please make sure there is a patch loaded in HALion Sonic SE for channel 1?

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Thats right Martin, that’s how it’s always worked yet for some reason there is no sound coming out now on playback. So what next?

Here’s a screen shot, as you can see its strange, there is no patch loaded and it won’t allow me to load a patch. Though the recorded patch is in there on my audio event…


Click the store in the right side of the slot 1 and code a patch/instrument/sound from the list, please.

Thank you Martin, that fixed the issue! Why did it happen in the first place? I didn’t remove it or anything. Thank you so much.


You always have to load a patch/sound/instrument when loading HALion Soinic SE. No sound is predefined.