No play back audio

Fellow Cubasers-- (foreword-- All my cables, speakers, and mics work in other applications. I have also downloaded the latest version of Cubase Ai7)

I’m working with CUBASE Ai 7 and Steinberg UR22.

I have plugged my PC’s stereo speaker’s 1/8" w/ 1/4" adapter head, into Line Output 2/R. SM57 in to Input Channel 2. Checking the mic, I get audio out from the left (speaker)channel only and this happens when plugged into Output channel 1/L .
Using the same configuration with an addition of 1/4’’ headphones. Checking the mic, I get stereo audio in the headphones. Note* I have tested out my MIX, PHONES, and OUTPUT knobs and they all respond. :slight_smile: When increasing the OUTPUTknob, I still receive only the left PC speaker responding.

I set up my inputs and outputs the same as in video #2. I’ve fried my brain and cant go on any more.

At the end of quick start tutorial video # 2, the voice says, “if you get into trouble use the setup wizard.” I dont know how to activate this so called “set up wizard.”

If you know of a video or any advisce would be really appreciated.


Sounds to me like you are trying to get a stereo signal from a Mono output. Your computer speakers use a stereo 1/8 plug. The two outputs are 1/4 Mono, left or right, or can be routed separately if desired. Your headphones output is a stereo out. Use this until you can buy the correct adapter (stereo 1/8 female to dual mono 1/4 male).

A microphone is a mono input. Record this into a Mono track. Otherwise, on a stereo track it will only be recorded on one side or the other. Input 1 to Left or input 2 to right, typically.

thanks Insub :slight_smile:
Things started turning around. And i got it sorted out. I was also suggest to use
2 1/4’’ males, that “y” from 1/8" female to get the stereo pair from these pc guys.

Now i’m having latency issues. I’ve tried every different setting and I get pops and gliches and audio drop outs on each.

See ya around the forum.

-Alexander Lee