No playback aaargh

Hi all. I can’t get play back on a track I recorded. In the mix console the i dividual tracks the meters are reacting, but the main stereo meter is flat. I’ve probably done something stupid, so if anyone out there can help I’d be very grateful.

If you open the Routing Rack in the Mix Console, are the channels routed to your Stereo Out bus?

BTW, there are several possibilities to alter the routing, the mix console is just one.

Track inspector, track editor…

Hi. Thanks for your reply.
I have checked the routing carefully but that doesn’t appear to be the problem.
I have copied and pasted the individual tracks into a new project window, and they play back ok the first time I run them, but go silent the second time, when I have changed nothing. I’m really stuck with this.

hmm, so you got two projects open? Only one can be active, so can be audible.

Is it possible you’re using any plugins in demo/trial mode?

For troubleshooting purposes, would you be able to try the following?

  • Start Cubase in Safe Mode with preferences disabled
  • Create a new, blank project (not from any of the templates)
  • Create a new Audio track, arm it and record something
  • Play back the recorded audio
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I would suggest a screenshot, so we can have a first look on the many possible reasons…
After that, the list could get additional entries, I guess… :wink:

So what you did at all?
Clicked somewhere?
It’s working on many installations, so I guess it’s not a general Cubase problem.