No playback after D crash - View snippet

Hi everybody,

after clicking on the item attached (snip_Brille.png) Dorico crashed completely - and - from then on -didn’t play back any of my scores!!!

Any suggestions to solve this problem?



In a nutshell and if I’m not mistaken, this can happen if the crash does not bring the playback processes crashing down with Dorico. I’ve found that simply opening Dorico again and closing it properly usually does the trick. If it doesn’t, a reboot certainly will. Have you tried those first?

We have fixed this crash, which occurs when you try to create a two-note tremolo with a rest selected. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The audio engine was probably still running when you restarted Dorico, and Luís’s advice should be sufficient: quit and restart Dorico and hopefully everything will come back as normal.

That did it - everythings fine!

Thanks a lot