No Playback Audio On Mon & Headphone

Cubase 8 Elements LE AI, Scarlett 18i20, noob operator. I’ve looked all over for an answer and can’t solve this - can’t hear tracks I’ve recorded by any means. I had this ability a few days ago but I must’ve changed something.

I have levels on all output channels including Group and FX busses, as well as Main Mix. In the VST Connections dialog I have “Main Mix” routed to the Mon 1 & Mon 2 outputs of the Scarlett. However, no sound emanates from the Mon 1 & 2 ports, nor does it from the headphone outputs.

In the past I have clearly heard sound quite normally out of the headphone outputs at least.

Any ideas for me?



Have you disabled the track(s) “Record Enable” & “Monitoring” functions?

If yes, some screen shots showing what you see would be helpful.

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Yes, Rec and Mon Track functions have been disabled.

Can you confirm the setting for clock settings between the software and the ADAT? I had an email from Focusrite Tech support that said Cubase should be externally clocked, so in Cubase’s Device Setup page the clock is set to EXTERNAL, and the ADAT (XT) is set to 48k, “INT”. Thanks!

I attached some screen shots - let me know if there’s something else to see that would be helpful in diagnosing… and thanks in advance!
VST Inputs Window.png
VST Outputs Window.png

I found what the immediate issue was - Scarlett MixControl had “taken control” of the playback. On the MixControl There are the DAW faders that were set to 0 (also set to 'mono" as well. So I changed those settings, and now I can hear what I recorded.

But now, even when in Cubase I select Tapemachine Mode (in VST Prefs) for playback of the tracks, the inputs are still audible - and I want the inputs off when I play back the music!

I thought MixControl was only supposed to handle input monitoring while recording and sorta “let go” of the inputs for playback. Am I missing something about MixControl?

I don’t have the Scarlett interface so I can’t assist with that particular software questions. I totally “Bypass” the Universal Control mixer software that came with my PreSonus audio interface when I use it with Cubase. I would rather just use the Cubase mixer and, only periodically, the Cubase control room.

Hopefully someone who has more experience with the Scarlett MixControl software will chime in here for you.

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Gday bpolits.

I work with the same interface as you and I think I understand your issue. It looks like you have a drum kit set up with various mics on the drums is that right? And your’re saying that you can still hear the inputs when recording/playback? I have different presets in Cubase depending on what I’m recording…So if I’m using 8 mics for the drum kit I’ll select the preset that I have saved in Cubase Vst connections that has 8 inputs and if I’m just recording guitar or vox for example I will just select the preset that I saved for that which is the two front inputs on the interafce. Not sure if I’m understanding your problem or not but hope that helps.