No playback audio with Noteperformer in Dorico 3 *fixed*

Hello guys,
I’m new here (bought the crossgrade to Dorico 3 ~two weeks ago).

I had a trial Version of Dorico 2.2. before, where Noteperformer worked perfectly fine with my projects after a little tweaking.

When I now did an orchestral transcription in Dorico 3, the Noteperformer does not play any audio at all.
The program also used to crash completely every time I pressed play, but after resetting and changing back and forth the designated audio output, the crashes stopped all of a sudden.

Halion also did not work before, but with older projects there does not seem to be a problem with playback. .
I did not start any new projects yet, as I am not sure if the same problems will occur again, resulting in slowing me down significantly when working in Dorico. (Since I also work a lot in Sibelius, I have to switch back and forth a lot)

I have linked the project (excerpt from Ravel’s “Le Tombeau de Couperin”), which I did in Dorico 3 and have now trouble getting any playback with Noteperformer at all:
(For some reason the forum would not allow me to attach the dorico file in here directly, hence the Dropbox link)

PS: Before all this I followed Mr. Daniel Spreadbury’s post in regards to how to set Noteperformer as the default playback option, which is pinned on top of the forum.

My PC specs:
Windows 10 64-bit, 64GB RAM, CPU-Type [AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X 12-Core Processor], Graphics Card [Radeon ™ RX 480 Graphics]
Audio Device: Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver (as with all my programs, including Sibelius, Cubase etc.), sample rate 48000, stereo output from my speakers

Thank you all in advance!

Welcome to the forum, bpe-music. Sorry you’re having problems getting NotePerformer working. Can you attach a couple of screenshots showing which files you have in the %PROGRAMDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 3\PlaybackTemplateGenerators and %PROGRAMDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 3\PluginPresetLibraries folders?

Hello Daniel, thanks a lot for your reply. :slight_smile:

Here you are:

Thank you so much.

That all looks correct to me. If you start a new project, add a piano instrument and a couple of notes, then go to Play > Playback Templates and try to apply the NotePerformer playback template, what happens when you click Apply and Close? Does NotePerformer load, and does the project play back?

I opened a new project with a solo piano, the playback with Noteperformer worked with it.
I even did not need to extra load any template, as Noteperformer was the default already.

But it still does not work with the Ravel File for some weird reason (I also tried the “load sounds for not loaded instruments” or how it’s called in the english version at the “play” menu). :-/

I find that (in your Ravel) if I go Play > Playback Template, HALion is still selected. Go into that dialog, select NotePerformer, Apply and close. Give it a few seconds to think, then try hitting play again.

It’s strange, because on mine it shows me Noteperformer as default, not a single Halion instance in sight there :open_mouth:

Interestingly though, when I click on a single note in the “writing mode”, I get a trumpet sound, no matter which instrument I click a note on.

This gets weirder by the minute…

That’s not the dialog I meant. I meant this dialogue:

facepalming myself :blush:

Now I’ve found it. I’m sorry for being such a fool.
Thank you so much for the help.

I could not find the fitting dialogue as the order of them in the menu was a little confusing for me.
For some reason I always just saw the bottom one…

I am attaching a screenshot for anybody else rather new to Dorico like me that cannot find that option in the menu so easily (especially when not using it in english)