No playback audio

I am brand new both to Cubase and to recording in general. I just got Cubase 13 and I have a Volt 276 interface, and while I am able to hear what I am playing through the unit (with and without “direct” on) when I play back anything I’ve recorded no sound comes through except for the metronome. I cannot see a way to configure anything in order to change this or to see what my options are. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Also, I cannot seem to get any of the effects or plug-ins to work, if you know anything about that I would appreciate that as well. Thank you!

Hello and welcome,

easy solution - you can only hear a track if the speaker icon is not active.

If this is not fixing your issue, please state the verison of Cubase, which edition of Cubase you use (Elements, Artist, Pro), which OS. Furthermore please state which ASIO device is selected in Studio → Studio Setup → Audio System

Ugh, I can’t believe I missed such an easy fix. Thank you!

I have Cubase 13, Windows 10, and the ASIO is Studio Volt. I am still not able to get any of the preset sounds or “amp head” like plug-ins to work though

That sounds like another issue. I’d suggest to mark this topic as solved (tick “Solution” under any of the messages) and start a new topic.

Got it. Thank you!