No playback but Play/Scrub works

Hi all. Strange phenomenon happening here. First my setup.
Gigabyte Z97X-UD7 TH mobo with i7 4790k, 16GB RAM, 120 GB SSD Boot drive, Win 7 SP1 64bit, Digi 003R connected to a firewire 800 PCI card, Cubase 7.5.40.
I’ve have a fair bit of experience with PC hardware and Cubase.

All pretty much works by itself.
When I open Cubase and import an audio track into the session, I see the track, when i hit play, the locator is moving along the timeline, but there is no sound coming out nor is the meter of the track showing any activity.
My I/O has been assigned to the Digi 003 1 and 2 outputs. I’m NOT in monitor mode on the track. The track outputs are assigned to Stereo Out.
Strange thing is when i select the Play/Scrub tool and scrub on the track I can hear the audio and it shows on the Control Room Monitor Meter. Also when I import audio and audition the track I can hear it and see the Control Room Monitor Meter working. I’ve tried disabling the Control Room and using only the Outputs in the VST Connections, same result.
Only when I hit Play there is no audio or track meter activity. The Click track is coming through but sounds distorted.

I’m assuming it is the 003R. It works fine standalone in Win 7 and when I audition tracks from the Import Audio window they sound clean.

Any help or suggestions are welcome.
Thanks and Cheers.

Bump. Steinberg?

All works fine on Yosemite though.

I was looking if the 003 console works with cubase 8/8.5 . And I used the search function to find other threads before posting a new one.

Just so you know the 003 is firewire 400!

FYI… it was a 003Rack issue. Dumped it. All is well.