No playback. Everything appears normal.

I just loaded up Cubase 6 into my mac. I recorded a song. Everything was working quite well until the next time I turned on the mac and Cubase. Now, when I bring the session up and hit play, the curser moves across the waveforms but nothing happens. The meters are blank and nothing is going to my converters. I’ve quadruple checked everything. The routing is all OK in VST connections and Devices. Everything is active and selected. All my cables are connected correctly. It seems like Cubase just isn’t seeing the files in as far as audio is concerned. But I can visually see the events in the project window and edit/manipulate them with no problems. The meters in Cubase show nothing on playback. Hmph!
Any Ideas?
I think I’ve interrogated all the usual suspects.

Yeah, check the ‘Control Room’ feature and follow the audio. You have not routed your audio where you want it.

Some other things to try…

I’m on Windows, sometimes get this and I put it down to an unknown catastrophic problem somewhere, sorted by reboot.

Also, every time I save I give the file a unique number (or use the auto increment that Cubase has). That way if there’s a problem with a project I’ve got plenty of backups.

Also, you could try disabling your VSTs to see if one of those is causing the problem.



Perhaps it is very basic, but are you sure you have turned off the monitor on that particular track?